Pet System

Adventurers can now go on a journey with their unique pets! Pets accompany adventurers on their journey and can provide adventurers with bonus attributes! Pets will randomly obtain different attribute gains according to their quality. Try to let your hero or monster carry a unique pet! 

Pet System will be unlocked after clearing adventure chapter 22-5. 


How do I get a pet? 

All players will receive a random pet upon logging in after the patch update today. Players can hatch new pets by pairing their pets with other players’ pets. Pets need to rest after hatching, and hatching operations cannot be performed during the rest period. Do note that each pet has a limited number of hatches!  

Pets can also be cloned via the Clone Gacha. By selecting any pet of yours and your friends’ pets to clone, there is a probability to directly obtain a pet with the same genetic appearance. Clone Gachas can be obtained via Pet Bundles which are permanently available in the in-game cash shop: 

  • Pet Bundle I: 2 Time Crystal∙24h (Zeny) + 4 Clone Gachas 
  • Pet Bundle II: 3280 Gold Poring + 12 Clone Gachas 


Additionally, pets can be rented to friends or other players through consignment, and a lot of Zeny can be obtained after deducting market taxes. Dismissal of pets can also directly obtain one-time benefits. However, dismissal of pet eggs will not be able to obtain benefits. 


Appearance genes and Pendant genes 

Pets inherit appearance genes that affect their own appearance, and pendant genes that affect the related effect. Newly hatched pets will have a certain probability of inheriting the appearance genes of the original paired pets, and even have a certain probability of gene combination to generate new genes.  

Combining two pairs of basic genes has a probability to generate higher-quality combined genes. After the combined genes meet certain special combinations, there is a chance to trigger stronger gene mutations and obtain unique and rare theme genes!  


Pet Album 

Players can view the pets they have and their respective appearance and pendant genes for more information. 

Log into Ragnarok Arena now to receive your new pet, hatch more pet eggs, and go on adventures with it! 


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