Launch of New Time-Limited Dungeon

Embark on an expedition into the frosty Ice Cave, confront formidable creatures, and claim valuable rewards! 

Event Period: 22 May 2023, 1000hrs (GMT +8) to 19 Jun 2023, 1000hrs (GMT +8) 


Rules for Time-limited Dungeon: 

  1. Players can start or reset the adventure on their own.  
  2. In the time-limited dungeon, the player’s monsters’ level and ranking are fixed. 
  3. Dungeon chest rewards can only be received once. Upon reset, reward chests that have been collected will no longer appear, while the mechanisms and storyline will restart. 
  4. Time-limited dungeon and related rewards will be periodically changed. 


Rules for Time-limited Dungeon Player Formation: 

  1. Players can choose 10 monsters to bring into the adventure, but monsters with the same name cannot be reused. All heroes will also be available to use in battle. 
  2. Once set, the player’s team formation cannot be adjusted during adventures. 

Rules for Time-limited Dungeon Unit Cultivation: 

  1. In the event dungeon -  
    1. Player’s natural SS rank monsters will be level 250. 
    2. The player’s natural S-rank monsters will be level 160. 
    3. The player’s natural A-rank will be Lv. 100. 
    4. All natural SS-rank units will be ranked MVP, natural S-rank units ranked SSS+, and natural A-rank units will remain unchanged. 
  2. All units will be equipped with a Red Eternity Set with level 5 enhancement, with elemental bonus activation at Lv.4. 
  3. All artifacts are at Lv.10. 
  4. Desire Crystal attribute bonuses are not included. 
  5. The attributes of exclusive equipment, cards, headgear, headgear handbook, and monster handbook will all be set at the level the player has cultivated them to. 


Rules for Time-limited Dungeon Difficulty Selection: 

  1. Before beginning their exploration, players can choose an appropriate difficulty level for the adventure. 
  2. Higher difficulties will include all enemy bonus terms from lower difficulties. 
  3. The enemy’s difficulty level cannot be adjusted while an adventure is in progress. 


Rules for Time-limited Dungeon Tasks: 

  1. Complete the corresponding task during the event to receive task rewards (players will complete all tasks below the selected difficulty by default). 
  2. Task rewards that are unclaimed beyond the event date cannot be claimed. 


Time-limited Dungeon Leaderboard Rules: 

  1. The higher the difficulty of the level cleared, the higher the player’s ranking.  
  2. If there are multiple players who cleared the same difficulty, the player with the fastest clear time will be ranked higher. 
  3. Server ranking awards will be issued via mail after the event ends. 


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