Dark Rift - Return of Sphinx Prison

The map – Sphinx Prison is now available as part of the Dark Rift update! Similar to Dungeon Adventure, players go through a maze of treasure chests and monsters to loot a variety of in-game rewards. Explore the secrets of Sphinx Prison to receive attractive rewards! 

Dark Rift will be unlocked after clearing adventure chapter 15-5.


Sphinx Prison in Dark Rift will be unlocked after clearing adventure chapter 39-5. 

Rules for Dark Rift: 

  1. The level of player’s heroes and monsters in the Dark Rift will be calculated using the Pinnacle Arena level algorithm: 
    1. Level = 250+(Crystal level-250)/5, where the Crystal level is greater than or equal to 250, and level will not exceed individual monster’s level limit. 
  2. All other rules are the same as in Dungeon Adventure: 
    1. Players can obtain abundant rewards by taking part in adventures in dungeons. 
    2. Players can start or reset the adventure on their own. 
    3. In the time-limited dungeon, the monster's level and ranking are fixed. 
    4. Rewards can only be claimed once from each dungeon. 
    5. The Enigmatic Poet is located in a dungeon. Satisfy his requirements and obtain rare achievements. 
    6. After resetting the labyrinth, chest rewards that players have collected will not appear again, while the mechanisms and storyline in the labyrinth will reset. 
    7. There are special areas in the dungeon adventures in Payon and Orc Village that require players to find key items in the subsequent dungeon levels to open them. 
    8. In addition to strength and wisdom, some help and tips from the outside are also essential to complete the adventure. 
    9. When the battle exceeds the time limit, all allied units will be killed. 


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