Grand Launch Events

Battle Power Ranking Event

Compete to win exciting rewards like Dead Branches and Elective SS-rank Monster Chests when you rank in the Top 50 of the server within 8 days!

  • The event will be active for 8 days from when the new server launches. 
  • Please refer to "Events" > "BP Ranking Event" in-game for the exact start and end timing of the event.

FREE SS-rank Monster

Don’t forget to claim a random SS-rank monster when you log in to the game for 2 days!

  • After logging in for 2 days, players will receive an "Elective Elemental Random Purple Monster Chest".
  • Players will be able to select a random SS-rank element card of any four basic elements - Water, Fire, Earth, or Wind.
  • Players can obtain a random novice SS-rank monster of their chosen element by using the SS-rank element card.
  • Once the SS-rank monster is claimed, the banner will not appear under the “Events” list.

Limited-Time Event: Loli Ruri Support Club

Show your support for Loli Ruri! Attain additional rewards such as the SS-rank monster - Loli Ruri when you activate a monthly or premium pass within 3 days of account creation!

  • Adventurers can support Loli Ruri when they purchase a monthly or premium pass through the Kafra Club within 3 days of account creation. 
  • Adventurers will earn rewards every time they support Loli Ruri (up to 7 times).
  • Adventurers will be able to attain the SS-rank monster Loli Ruri when they support Loli Ruri for the 7th time. 
  • Adventurers can support Loli Ruri once every day (resets at 5 am GMT+8).

7 Days Login Rewards 

Remember to claim your 7-day Task Rewards! Log in daily and complete in-game tasks to receive items such as dead branches, golden poring, garm fragments and more! 

First Purchase Gift

Recharge any amount to receive an SS-rank Monster - Angeling and Poring Chat Bubble!

Recharge a monthly or premium pass, and receive free gifts like the Starry Sea Avatar Frame!

  • This event is only available for first-time purchases.

Moonlight Flower’s Wish Event

Adventurers can claim 1 FREE Wish Progress Point every day (resets at 5 am GMT+8), and they can collect Wish Progress Points to claim various rewards!

  • This event resets every 7 days (starting from the day of account creation).
  • Wish Progress, rewards and all other content will be reset every 7 days. After which, a new 7-day event will automatically start.
  • Players can make a wish for free for every 1 Wish Progress point they attain. Free wishes are refreshed at 05:00 a.m. daily.
  • Players will receive a chest corresponding to the value of their Wish Progress (each chest can only be claimed once in each event cycle).
  • Players can get 5 Wish Progress points after completing Moonlight Flower’s Daily Wish.
  • A player can receive the Ultimate Chest by fulfilling Moonlight Flower’s Ultimate Wish. Can only be claimed once per event cycle.

Level Up Rewards!

Earn rewards as you progress through your adventures! For every 5 levels you advance, we are giving you rewards like Talent Fruits and Golden Porings to help you advance further! Rewards also include Dead Branches and a Magic Stone that allows you to pick your desired SS-rank Monster!

  • Adventurers can claim these rewards in-game through "Event" > "Level Reward".

Daily Check-In 

Start collecting in-game rewards when you complete a daily check-in! Simply log in to the game and receive goodies like dead branches and Zeny!

Weekend Gold Merit Bundles 

Gold Merit Bundles are available for purchase, up to a limit per account.

Players can purchase a maximum of 2 Gold Merit Bundle I, Gold Merit Bundle II, and Gold Merit Bundle III respectively.

  • Each player has a maximum purchase allowance of 2 per bundle stated as stated.
  • Players can purchase a maximum of 1 Gold Merit Bundle IV.
  • Weekend bundles will be available on Saturdays and Sundays, 1200 - 2359H (GMT+8)

Weekend Bundles 

Players can purchase a maximum of 2 Weekend Bundle I. 

Weekend Bundle II and 1 Weekend Bundle III are also available for purchase up to a maximum of 1 each per player.

  • Weekend bundles will be available on Saturdays and Sundays, 1200 - 2359H (GMT+8)