Astrolabe Event

Try your luck and stand a chance to receive prized rewards!  

Players can utilise Astrolabe Coins to play the Astrolabe Event. Players can find Astrolabe Event under “Events”. 


 Event Period: 1 May 2023 1000hrs (GMT +8) to 8 May 2023 1000hrs (GMT +8)   


Astrolabe Coins can be obtained through Astrolabe Tasks and Astrolabe Bundles available in the in-game cash shop during the event period: 1 May 2023 1000hrs (GMT +8) to 8 May 2023 1000hrs (GMT +8). 


Betting with Astrolabe Coins 


  • Players can choose up to 3 options for betting in a single round. 
  • A single option can take up to 10 bets, and one Astrolabe Coin is required for a single bet. 
  • Every time the astrolabe rotates, a monster will be randomly selected as the winning unit. The element and type corresponding to the monster will also be chosen as winning units. 
  • Players will win a number of Lucky Coins with each bet (refer to rules below). 

Lucky States and Critical Strike States 


  • A lucky state will appear randomly. If this state is triggered, after the normal rotation of the astrolabe ends, 2 additional monsters will be selected as the winning units. The elements and types corresponding to these 2 monsters will also be chosen as winning units. 
  • A critical strike state will appear randomly. In this state, some winning units of the player will trigger the critical strike special effect and the reward multiplier will be doubled. 
  • Lucky state and critical state can be activated at the same time. 


Lucky Coins 


  • Players' orange-quality headgear will have a bonus effect on the number of Lucky Coins won. 
  • The final number of Lucky Coins obtained by the player in one round of betting = the number of Astrolabe Coins that are bet and won x the base multiplier of the winning unit x whether it is a critical strike (2 times for a critical strike, 1 time for a non-critical strike) x orange quality headgear bonus + guaranteed reward. Rewards will be accumulated if multiple options are won. 
  • Lucky Coins can be exchanged in the Astrolabe Store for headgear, Gold Medals, and more! 


Today’s Guess 


  • Players can guess the highest multiplier obtained by today's current server players. 
  • Today's Guess requires a fixed bet of 300 Golden Poring. After placing the bet, it cannot be modified again for this round.  
  • If the bet is successful today, you will get double bet rewards. Rewards will be sent to players by mail. 
  • Today's Guess will be closed after 2330hrs (GMT +8) every day. After 0000hrs (GMT +8), the guess results will be announced, and a new round of Today’s Guess will start. 
  • Due to the guessing activity, daily ranking will only display the top three to five players and the multiplier that the player has achieved. The same player can be on the list repeatedly. 
  • Daily ranking and history ranking will be reset at 0000hrs (GMT +8) daily. 

Astrolabe Coins and Lucky Coins will be retained after the event ends. Will you be the lucky one with a high multi-bet? Try your luck and place a bet now! 


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