MVPBOSS Conquest

An MVP BOSS has arrived in Ragnarok Arena, only for a limited period! Adventurers will be allocated to groups according to the level of their Blessed Crystal, and all adventurers can launch a conquest against the MVP BOSS. Rewards will be obtained according to damage dealt!  

Preview: 13 March 2023, 1000hrs (GMT +8) 

The countdown to the arrival of the MVPBOSS will be shown during the preview period. 

Grouping: 15 March 2023, 0900hrs (GMT +8) 

Players can view their group and its group players. Players will be grouped according to level of their Blessed Crystal and will compete against other individuals within their groups. Each group will consist of around 17 – 20 players. 

Group conditions: 

  • Hero+: Lv. 350 Blessed Crystal 
  • Hero: Lv. 300 Blessed Crystal 
  • Elite+: Lv. 275 Blessed Crystal 
  • Elite: Lv. 250 Blessed Crystal 
  • Veteran+: Lv. 200 Blessed Crystal 
  • Veteran: Lv. 150 Blessed Crystal 
  • Rookie: Lv. 0 Blessed Crystal 

Battle Start: 15 March 2023, 1000hrs (GMT +8) 

All players can launch a conquest against the MVP BOSS. Players can also view skills of the MVP BOSS to strategize their team formation. 

Each conquest will consume 1 Conquest Ticket. 1 Conquest Ticket will be replenished every 3 hours until the number of Conquest Ticket reaches 10. Unused Conquest Tickets will be removed. 

During the start of the conquest, rankings will be made according to the damage done in daily, cumulative total damage, and highest single damage. The ranking tabulation time is from 2300hrs to 2400hrs every day, and conquests cannot be carried out during this period. 

Settlement: 21 March 2023, 2300hrs (GMT +8) 

Players will not be able to launch a conquest against the MVP BOSS, and players’ final ranking will be tabulated. Rewards will be mailed to all participating players through in-game mail according to damage dealt. 

Close: 24 March 2023, 0000hrs (GMT +8) 

MVPBOSS Conquest has officially ended, and players will not be able to view the event. Unused Conquest Tickets will be removed. 

Strengthen your teams and prepare for the battle against the MVPBOSS! 


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