NEW: Crimson Card Pack

A new card pack – Crimson Card Pack is available now! The Crimson Card Pack comes with a variety of 24 new cards and card skills, and features four EX cards - Phreeoni EX Card, Randel EX Card, Leak EX Card, and Lady Tanee EX Card. 

Card System is unlocked after clearing Adventure Chapter 9-15 

Players can obtain Crimson Card Packs through Card Pack Chests (exchangeable at the Card Pack Shop with Gold Poring, or from Maze Shop with Premium Forest Coins) and from the Card Pack Store. 


Open Crimson Card Packs now and boost your team’s battle power! 


About Card Packs 

Card Packs can be opened to give players 5 random cards. Cards can be equipped to heroes and monsters to increase battle power of the wearer and may provide them with additional skills. View Card System for more information. 


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