Tree of Souls and Soul Skills

A new system, Tree of Souls, is now available in Ragnarok Arena! 

Tree of Souls consists of a variety of Soul Skills. Each Soul Skill provides its wearer added benefits, and boosts the team’s overall capabilities. Soul Skills are not upgradeable.   

Tree of Souls will be unlocked after clearing adventure chapter 7-20. 

Each Soul Skill possesses unique skill effects, and will be unlocked upon obtaining a certain quantity of specific monsters. The number of monsters consumed through monster evolve will also be counted towards the conditions to unlock Soul Skills.  

Players can equip Soul Skills as long as any one of the conditions are met. However, 1 Soul Skill can only be equipped by 1 unit, and each unit can only be equipped with 1 Soul Skill. Each Soul Skill also has a carry limit, and only characters/ monsters with that element can be equipped with the Soul Skill. Choose wisely! 

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